Shiatsu Foot Massager with Vibration and Heat MG-F22

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Product Overview

Treat Your Tired Feet - Get Relax after a hard Day

The Perfect solution to relax your Tense Foot Muscles

This newest designed foot massager activates joints to maximize relaxation and release tension through the complicated network of nerves in your feet. It delivers a completely new level of massage functionality, emulating the techniques used by chiropractors and massage therapists. It simultaneously provides invigorating massage to the feet and ankles. Its strong kneading action penetrates deeply into the muscles and helps to relieve tension and improve blood circulation. Featuring with four auto programs, two personalized programs and two manual modes; it is perfect for helping to relax and soothe your tired, aching feet and relieve tightness. Get yours today and start enjoying the 3Q foot massager expert takes your stress and fatigue away.

Product Features

  • Effectively squeezes and massages feet, ankles, as well as calves or legs.
  • Rolling, Kneading, Reflexology, Squeeze, Heating, Vibration massage for deep relaxation
  • Flexible strong kneading action creates a professional massage experience and penetrates deeply into the muscles of your feet, ankles and calves.
  • Independent Heating Function utilizes an infrared heat tube to provide a gentle soothing heat to promote blood circulation in the feet.
  • Vibrating Function effectively massages the soles and muscles of your feet.
  • The synergetic combination of kneading and vibratory actions gives you a relaxing and revitalizing massage experience, while achieving a beneficial reflexology and beautifying effect.
  • Fixed roller scraping can massage from toe to heel
  • Pressure nodes located under your feet stimulate the reflex points in the soles of your feet. 
  • Four auto modes and two manual modes.
  • Removable and washable cloth covers for easy cleaning to maintain good hygiene.


Easy to Use

  • Plug adapter into any standard outlet
  • Remove shoes before using - it’s safe to use with or without socks
  • Power on - Use auto modes or adjust heat function and vibration-intensity levels.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing benefits of a professional-quality foot massage.


  • Model Number: 3Q-MG-F22
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Power: 50W
  • Motor: 3 motors (Massage, vibration, heating)
  • Massager Speed: high, medium, low
  • Rated Working Time: 15 Minutes
  • Product Size: 22” x 13” x 11” inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs

Package contains

  • Foot Massager
  • AC power adapter
  • User Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review